R40 Wismec Cartridges

Replacement compatible with Wismec R40


Article information

R40 Wismec Cartridges

This product is designed as a replacement compatible for the wonderful e-cig R-40, manufactured by the giant Wismec. It’s very easy to recharge the cartridges thanks to the hole available on the side. It has a silicone cap for the closure that acts both as a security, as a protector from agents such as dust and make the design amazing. The cartridge is transparent, designed to give the vaper the opportunity to keep an eye on the amount of liquid left inside. In addition, the cartridges are equipped with easily replaceable WV resistors of different resistive types.

Technical specifications

Size: 27.4 mm x 27.4 mm x 27 mm Liquid Capacity: Standard 3 ml/ TPD 2 ml Weight: 10 g


Opportunity to choose between WV M 0.3 ohm, WV 1.2 ohm, WV01 0.8ohm Coils Air flow regulation Possibility di keep an eye on the liquid Good weight and size Ease of installation

All these features offer the possibility to vapers to choose the characteristics of their vaping, such as the density of smoke, by regulating the air flow. Instead, other features such as weight, size and ease of installation give to this product a comfort that other products cannot provide, or at least not in the same way.

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