Exvapo 2024: program and details on the vaping fair in Naples

Exvapo 2024: program and details on the vaping fair in Naples

Published on: 30/03/2024


Scheduled for 2 and 3 March in the prestigious Mostra d’Oltremare exhibition center in Naples, the 2024 edition of Exvapo marks the fifth anniversary of the fair, now an essential point of reference in Southern Italy for enthusiasts and professionals in the electronic cigarette sector .

The event attracts not only vaping enthusiasts from Campania: visitors and companies come from all over Italy and also from abroad, demonstrating the growing popularity and importance of vaping as a cultural and commercial phenomenon.

Exvapo is an opportunity to present new products and innovations in the field of vaping and a networking opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. In fact, the fair opens its doors to industry professionals as well as passionate consumers: access is free for all participants, which allows for an exchange of ideas between consumers and producers.

At the heart of the event is a strong spirit of sharing and learning, both for experts and newcomers to the world of vaping. The choice of Naples as a venue is not random: the city, with its cultural liveliness and strategic position, is ideal for hosting an event of this scale, attracting visitors from all over the peninsula and from Europe. In short, the event is a unique showcase for companies and a source of inspiration and information for the public.

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Exvapo: why this event is so important


As mentioned, since its origins Exvapo has stood out for its ability to attract a diverse audience, ranging from e-cigarette manufacturers to enthusiastic consumers, passing through distributors and retailers. Each year, the event aims to create an environment where the passion for vaping merges with commercial opportunities, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in an experience of discovery and learning.

Its origin marks a turning point in the perception and acceptance of vaping as a cultural and commercial practice. With its debut, Exvapo opened the doors to a wide range of players in the industry, from manufacturers and distributors to enthusiasts and consumers, creating a vital meeting point for exchanges of ideas and innovations.

Over the years, Exvapo has earned a notable reputation, consolidating itself as an annual reference event for professionals. Its growth is evidenced by the diversity and expansion of its audience and exhibitors, which have evolved to reflect the emerging trends and changing needs of the vaping market. The importance of the event goes beyond the simple display of products; it has become a compass to navigate industry trends, offering valuable insights into future market directions.

The event also stood out for its commitment to promoting responsible and safe practices in the field of vaping. Offering a balanced mix of trade exposure and information sessions, Exvapo helped educate both consumers and professionals on safe and responsible practices, as well as highlighting the importance of regulation and quality in the industry.

The choice of Naples reflects the strategic importance of the city, not only for its geographical position, which makes it easily accessible from different parts of Italy and Europe, but also for its rich cultural context which matches the innovative spirit of the event.

Exvapo is not just a trade fair, but a catalyst for change and a point of reference for all those involved in the world of vaping, significantly contributing to the growth and evolution of the sector. With each edition, including the 2024 one, Exvapo presents itself as a window into the future of vaping, a place where innovation, culture, and commerce meet and merge.

Exvapo: why this event is so important

Exvapo 2024: what this year’s edition features


The fifth edition of Exvapo, scheduled for 2 and 3 March 2024 in Naples, promises to be an event full of events and news for vaping enthusiasts and professionals. The organizers have planned a program that includes prominent exhibitors, moments of entertainment and in-depth analysis, an opportunity to experience the world of vaping at 360°.

The exhibitors are the fulcrum of the fair: the presence of several leading companies in the sector is expected. Among these we find manufacturers of e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, vending machines, and other innovative products. The list of exhibitors, as reported on the official website, includes names such as 99 Clouds, Absolute Flavor, Age Vaping Solution, Angry Fox Vape, Automatika, Blaq, Cyber Flavor, DaOne, Diamond Vape, Dr Juice Lab, and many others. The presence of so many companies in the sector guarantees a complete overview of the latest trends and innovations in the world of vaping.

In addition to the exhibition stands, Exvapo 2024 also includes shows and in-depth sessions from the stage, offering participants an experience that goes far beyond the simple display of products. The event was built to provide moments of entertainment and training, as well as opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange between industry operators and enthusiasts.

Exvapo presents itself as a cultural and professional meeting moment for all those involved or interested in this rapidly evolving sector.

It is no coincidence that the annual event, as mentioned, has consolidated itself as a fundamental point of reference for enthusiasts and professionals in the vaping sector, offering a unique platform for exploring the latest market trends.

The fair, open from 10:00 to 18:30 on both days, is programmed to offer not only an overview of the latest developments in the sector, but also moments of discussion which are fundamental for the development and continuous innovation of the sector.

The Mostra d’Oltremare of Naples, chosen as the venue for the event, is characterized by its strategic position, easily accessible both nationally and internationally, and by its ability to host large-scale events, the ideal location, in short, for an event of this stature.

This year’s event aims to exceed expectations, highlighting the dynamism and innovation that characterize the vaping industry.

Exvapo 2024 therefore promises to be an unmissable event for all those who work in the sector, enthusiasts or curious people who simply want to stay updated on the latest trends in the world of vaping.

How the Exvapo 2024 fair is organized

In the intentions of the organizers, access to Exvapo 2024 must be easy – and pleasant – for both companies and visitors. The ticket for the fair is completely free, which underlines the desire to make the event accessible to all enthusiasts of the sector. For visitors, tickets are available online and include access to all events.

For companies, the event represents a unique opportunity for networking and commercial growth. Companies can register to obtain a personalized badge and dedicated access, so they can actively participate in industry events and discussions.

The pavilions of the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples are a perfect location because they provide large exhibition spaces and entertainment areas and services for participants: the aim of the organizers is to create an environment that favors both business and entertainment.

In addition, the Modder area within the fair will give visitors the opportunity to closely observe the new creations of the artists in the sector, the artistic aspect of vaping, as well as recent and futuristic creations in the sector, which will give an insight into the upcoming trends and the creativity of developers. This area will be a point of interest for both industry veterans and “new” enthusiasts and will offer a glimpse into the most innovative and personalized aspects of vaping.

The organizers have planned an obsessive organization to ensure maximum comfort for visitors. An info point will be available for general information and assistance, as well as a press area dedicated to media professionals who will cover the event.

Exvapo 2024 presents itself not only as an important commercial event, but also as an opportunity to enhance the passion for vaping and celebrate its evolution and cultural diversity. This year, the organizers have put in place an exceptional program that promises to involve and stimulate both professionals and passionate visitors.

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In conclusion


Exvapo 2024 is configured as a rich and varied event, which goes far beyond the simple exhibition of products from the world of vaping, but aims to offer a complete experience that touches on different aspects of the world of vaping, from culture to technology, from innovation to entertainment. This edition promises to be an unmissable opportunity for all those interested in discovering the fantastic world of vaping, from electronic cigarettes to vaping liquids, through accessories, in a lively and stimulating context.

Taking a detailed look at the Exvapo 2024 event, we can conclude that this fair represents a fundamental meeting point for the world of vaping, not only in Italy but internationally. It is an event that unites the most influential manufacturers, distributors, retailers and enthusiasts of e-cigs and refill liquids under one roof. The choice of Naples as the venue for the event is motivated by the strategic position of the city, easily accessible and known for its cultural and historical richness.

The Exvapo 2024 program promises two intense days, March 2 and 3, during which participants will be able to immerse themselves in the latest industry news, participate in workshops and deepen their knowledge through exchanges with vaping experts and influencers. A non-negligible aspect is the free entry, which makes it accessible to a wide audience, both for professionals in the sector and for enthusiasts. Furthermore, the presence of special areas such as the Modder area and the wide range of exhibitors highlights the variety and richness of the vaping sector, showing how it embraces innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The event is not only a commercial showcase, but also an opportunity to celebrate the culture of vaping, with entertainment and shows that will involve important guests and influencers. These aspects contribute to creating a lively and engaging atmosphere, typical of large cultural and commercial events.

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Naples: the exvapo is organised here!


Exvapo 2024 is a major event in the world of vaping, with an established reputation in Southern Italy and beyond. Throughout its five-year history, it has become a fundamental point of reference for enthusiasts, professionals and companies in the electronic cigarette sector.

The event attracts visitors and companies from all over Italy and even abroad, demonstrating the growing popularity and importance of vaping as a cultural and commercial phenomenon. Its ability to attract a diverse audience makes it an ideal environment for the exchange of ideas and innovations.

Exvapo is not just a trade show, but also a place where responsible and safe vaping practices are promoted. Through information sessions and exhibitions, the event seeks to educate both consumers and professionals on these issues.

The choice of Naples as the venue for the event is not random, but based on its cultural liveliness and strategic position. The city attracts visitors from across Italy and Europe, making Exvapo an ideal event to showcase new products and promote industry networking.

The 2024 edition promises to be full of events, with the presence of leading companies in the sector, influential influencers, shows and exhibitions. The fair offers a complete experience that goes beyond the simple display of products, touching on various aspects of vaping culture, from technology to entertainment.

Questions & answers

When will the Exvapo 2024 event take place?

The Exvapo 2024 event will take place on March 2 and 3, 2024.

Where will the Exvapo 2024 event be held?

The event will be held at the Mostra d’Oltremare exhibition center in Naples.

What are the main attractions of Exvapo 2024?

Exvapo 2024 offers a wide range of attractions, including the presence of industry-leading companies, performances, in-depth sessions with vaping influencers, the Modder area and much more.