Less harmful cigarettes: why e-cigarettes are less dangerous than traditional ones

What are the least harmful cigarettes?

Published on: 04/07/2022

The ‘less harmful’ cigarette does not exist. Unless it is electronic

In the early days, smoking does not seem to be such a harmful habit. Those who have just started, especially if they are still young, seldom suffer any particular symptoms that would make them realise how severe the intoxication is inside their body.

One fine day, however, something starts to change:

  • Breath becomes shorter.
  • Sleep is more difficult due to sleep apnoea.
  • All activities that require physical exertion are more strenuous.

It is a sign that the body can no longer tolerate the poisons contained in cigarette smoke for long!

When these symptoms appear, the first thought is to try to stop smoking: however, this task can be virtually impossible due to the strong addiction generated by nicotine.

For this reason, many smokers seek information about possible less dangerous alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Perhaps, some are less harmful to our bodies? Possibly, by smoking low-tar and nicotine cigarettes, one can prevent one’s health from deteriorating further, right?

We will answer this question in the following article, in which we will also explain the difference in harmfulness between blondes and e-cigarettes.

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Why there are no less harmful traditional cigarettes

Sorry, but I have to give you some bad news: there are no less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Blondes are always dangerous to health, no matter what their composition.

Perhaps, you thought that ‘light’ cigarettes, i.e. those that contain a tobacco blend with a lower percentage of tar and nicotine, would be the solution to health hazards, but this is not the case. Think of it this way: would you think a gun pointed at your head is less harmful than a rifle? Certainly not.

Smoking is always bad for you, which is why it has even been banned to add the word ‘light’ to cigarette packets because it is misleading information.

And filters?

Well, know that their presence does not change anything. Many people think their function is to protect the smoker from some harmful substances produced by tobacco combustion. In reality, several studies have shown that this is a hoax and that the damage caused by filter cigarettes is practically the same as that caused by unfiltered cigarettes.

In short, the only less dangerous cigarette is the one you don’t light. There is no other way to avoid the damage caused by the dozens of carcinogenic toxins released during cigarette combustion.

Researcher studying the effects of the electronic cigarette

What about electronic cigarettes? What makes it less dangerous than blondes?

Since e-cigarettes entered the market, the ‘e-cig vs blondes’ debate has never ceased to split public opinion.

However, science seems to have decided which side it is on: sure, between vaping and pure air, the second option is better, but according to many scholars, e-cigarettes are less harmful than blondes, and this is also confirmed by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC).

The secret lies in the fact that e-cigs do not involve combustion, so they do not produce the thousands of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

For the sake of the record, however, it is only fair to explain what risks associated with vaping have been highlighted by science.

Firstly, it would appear that under certain circumstances, the vaporisation of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (the main ingredients of e-cigarette liquids) can lead to the formation of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, two potentially carcinogenic substances. However, the doses of these two compounds required for a significant increase in cancer risk are higher than those usually inhaled by vapers.

In addition, some preparations used to flavour e-liquids may contain harmful molecules to the airways. One of them is diacetyl, a substance that can promote the onset of bronchiolitis obliterans. Again, however, the danger only exists when vaping this compound in large quantities and for long periods.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that most e-cigarette liquids are nicotine-based, a substance that is highly addictive for those who take it and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In short, e-cigs are not entirely harmless either. That much is clear to everyone. But it is equally clear that the risks associated with these devices are significantly lower than those of smoking blondes (up to 95% lower, according to Public Health England). Therefore, we can conclude that if there is a less harmful cigarette, it is the electronic one.

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In conclusion

We have explained why there is no ‘less harmful’ traditional cigarette, but any blonde represents a severe health risk, be it light, filter and so on.

The dangers of smoking are there for all to see, and the deaths caused by smoking cannot be ignored.

According to science, although it is not entirely risk-free, vaping is a far less harmful habit than smoking, as proven by several studies on the subject. That is why, if we have to name a ‘less harmful’ cigarette, it can only be the electronic one.

Please note: it is essential to emphasise that vaping is not entirely risk-free and that non-smokers should also steer clear of this vice if they want to preserve their health.

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