Everything you need to know about how to adjust the airflow of the atomizer

How to adjust e-cig atomiser airflow | Terpy

Published on: 18/01/2023

Atomizer airflow: how to adjust it for a better vape experience

If you have decided to open this article, it means that you would like to know how to adjust the atomizer holes and why their size is so important, right?

In fact, going for larger or smaller holes can significantly change your vaping experience.

If you are wondering how, keep reading this article, it is for you!

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The importance of atomizer airflow

When you inhale, a vacuum created in the atomizer that draws air through the holes, cooling it and causing a condensation phenomenon, from which the actual vapor is derived.

You should know, in fact, that each atomizer has holes through which air passes when the vaporizer is removed from the nozzle. This air enters through the holes and reaches the resistance, which in the meantime is heating up, thanks to the energy supplied by the battery: here the steam generated by the heat is carried and then it leaves, precisely, through the spout, and it is ready to be vaped.

These holes are adjustable, so the larger their diameter, the easier the passage of air will be and, consequently, the production of steam. In fact, you can make them bigger or smaller depending on your desired airflow, which affects the vaping experience.


Simple: if you let a lot of air in, then more vapor is produced and the resistance gets less hot (because the air helps to dissipate the heat); however, the flavor is less intense, and you tend to consume more e-liquid. On the contrary, if you let less air in, you will have a more intense flavor and a lower consumption of e-liquid to vape, but the vapor produced will be less and the temperature will be higher.

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Adjusting the airflow of the atomizer: the difference between adjustable holes and fixed holes

As we mentioned earlier, most atomizers today have an adjustable airflow control.
Changing the size of the air hole takes a few seconds and can be freely changed according to the preference of the e-cig owner from a small diameter air hole to a larger one.

Older atomizers, on the other hand, usually have fixed air holes placed laterally. If you want a larger air hole, you need to manually drill it.

It is the atomizers with this type of design that have the potential to create the most vapor. It is common to see such a variant (two extremely large air holes) used with dual coils in so-called ‘vape contests’.

But that is not all.

Atomizer size affects vapor and flavor. Smaller atomizers (particularly the chamber where the e-liquid is vaporized) create more pronounced flavors and a hotter vape.

Atomizer airflow | Terpy

Atomizer airflow: better large or small holes? The answer is: “it depends”

Choosing the size of the holes depends on what one is looking for according to taste and the amount of steam.

As we mentioned, increased airflow allows the coils to run cooler, making the vapor more comfortable to inhale and increasing volume.

For an example.

If you want to vape bigger clouds the easiest way is to use a sub ohm tank designed to increase airflow and produce more vapor, especially when paired with a high output battery.

Also, consider that if you have an atomizer with resistances that tend to last less than desired, then it is preferable to increase the opening of the holes so that they get less hot. Too much heat, we repeat, ruins the resistors faster.

On the other hand, letting more air in means having to face a higher cost because more e-liquid is consumed.

Please note that the coils should be placed as close to the vent as possible to maximize efficiency. The further away they are, the less steam is produced. However, it is crucial to make sure that the coil does not touch any part of the top cap or the base of the atomizer, as this would short circuit and ruin the battery.

Smaller air holes, on the other hand, offer a better throat hit and more pronounced flavors.

Finally, another thing to consider is the personal preferences of the vaper.

For those who prefer mouth-lung vaping (i.e., first taking the vapor to the mouth and then inhaling it), a smaller airflow should be set. Those who prefer lung vaping (i.e., drawing directly into the lungs) should adjust the flow to be more abundant.

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In conclusion

In this article we have seen how to adjust the airflow of the electronic cigarette atomizer. The choice to adjust the holes to a certain size depends on many factors and, one of them, the tastes of the vaper.

If you prefer a more intense flavor, it is preferable to opt for smaller holes, if, on the other hand, you want the resistance to not overheat too much, it is preferable to increase its diameter.