Electronic pipe: how this nice alternative to traditional pipes works

Electronic pipe: how this nice alternative to traditional pipes works

Published on: 27/11/2023


The pipe is an object now in disuse, which we link to the past, to habits that belonged to our grandparents rather than ours. In fact, how many pipe smokers do we know? Very few.

Yet, this somewhat vintage smoking tool could find new life with electronic pipes, an alternative to “classic” electronic cigarettes.

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Brief history of the traditional pipe

How many of us have known a grandfather or relative with the inevitable pipe in his mouth?

This refined tool for smoking tobacco has very ancient origins: already some scholars of the Greco-Roman era such as Pliny the Elder, Herodotus and Plutarch wrote about objects similar to today’s pipes used for smoking certain types of herbs. Archaeological excavations have often uncovered pipe-like tools that could be used for smoking.

In Europe the pipe began to spread around the 16th century: made of clay, the pipes gradually became more sophisticated, changing shape and material. Subsequently, in fact, wooden and porcelain pipes were created up to the “modern” briar pipes, born around the mid-nineteenth century in France. From then on, the pipe joined cigars and cigarettes as an object for smoking tobacco.

The pipe, compared to the cigarette, requires longer times and much more maintenance: for this reason, it is especially appreciated by those who want to enjoy a more extended experience and savor the taste with greater intensity.

Brief history of the traditional pipe

Electronic pipe: what it is and how it works

The electronic pipe is the evolution of the classic pipe, created to offer traditional pipe lovers a similar experience, but without the side effects of pipe smoking which, although less harmful than cigarettes, can cause even serious health problems .

The electronic pipe is made up of all the components that we have already known with the e-cigarette:



Suction duct to convey the smoke



The operation is the same as that of the e-cig: the battery, connected to the atomizer, allows the heating of the e-cig liquid which becomes vapor which, passing through the suction channel, reaches the spout.

As an alternative to pipes with atomizers, we also find pipes with combustion chambers on the market: they are recommended for those who want to vaporize dried herbs or flowers.

 Electronic pipes can be made of various materials, often briar or rosewood, to which the electronic parts are added. This is why electronic pipes are generally more expensive than electronic cigarettes: the higher construction quality and the more refined materials make them a more expensive product than other vaping devices.

On the design side, electronic pipes follow classic pipes in every way: we have more classic shapes or ultra-modern shapes, but the classic “dome” remains. A display replaces the combustion chamber of the tobacco, otherwise the shape of the electronic pipes explicitly recalls the typical design of the classic pipe.

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Electronic pipe: the models on the market

On the market we now find an excellent choice of electronic pipe models. The most widespread models, as mentioned, are those with an atomizer structure, whose operation is the same as that of e-cigs, and combustion ones, reserved for a niche.

The prices of electronic pipes can be in line with those of e-cigs or, depending on the materials, much higher, reaching up to around 300 euros. The mid-range, around 90 euros, is the one that guarantees the best quality-price ratio.

Who is the electronic pipe recommended for?

Who is the electronic pipe recommended for?

The electronic pipe with atomizer structure works exactly like the electronic cigarette: from this point of view, choosing one or the other makes little difference.

The choice can therefore be made for a reason of style: elegant, sophisticated, a little vintage, the electronic pipe is ideal for those who want not only a device for vaping but also a beautiful design object in their hands.

Furthermore, the electronic pipe, as mentioned, recalls the suggestive features of the traditional pipe and can be chosen to reproduce the typical gestures of pipe smoking.

Those who love vaping from the cheek, rather than from the lung, will find the ideal device in the electronic pipe: just as traditional pipe smokers love to savor the aroma of tobacco, those who want to savor the aromas of liquids in their mouth before vaping can opt for the electronic pipe.

Obviously, those who don’t smoke or vape shouldn’t start: electronic cigarettes, like electronic pipes, are suitable for those who want to abandon cigarette smoking and erase their tobacco addiction.

In conclusion

The electronic pipe is a “chic” alternative to the electronic cigarette, a device that follows the shapes of the classic pipe and aims to give a similar experience, at least in terms of gestures.

There are various models on the market, expensive and less expensive, depending on the material they are made of: they can be either with an atomizer or, more rarely, with a combustion chamber. The mid-range is the one with the products with the best quality-price ratio.

The electronic pipe is recommended for those who love to vape on the cheek and love design objects with vintage references.