Do your e-liquids no longer taste like anything? Maybe you have a vaping tongue. Here’s how to remedy it quickly and easily.

All about the vapers' tongue

Published on: 26/09/2022

Vape tongue: everything you need to know when liquids all taste the same to you…

Can’t taste your e-liquids anymore? Unless you have the flu, it’s most likely a case of ‘vape tongue.

In short… your tongue is ‘defective’ and your taste buds are not working as they should.

By ignoring the causes of this phenomenon, you will inevitably find yourself buying electronic cigarette liquids that will continue to lack the taste they should have.

But there is a solution.

In this article, I explain why some vapers experience vaping tongue and how to easily remedy it.

Boy who does the tongue

What is the vaping tongue?

Vape tongue is an expression that comes from the English vaper’s tongue, and it is a more common phenomenon than you might think.

It is a mechanism whereby the sense of smell stops working and prevents you from tasting electronic cigarette liquids properly.

Yes, you read that right, we said olfaction.

It is also thanks to our nose that we can perceive flavours: if you try to eat by plugging your nostrils, you will hardly be able to savour the taste of food. You might have noticed this during the flu: if you have a ‘blocked’ nose, you won’t eat with taste because you won’t be able to perceive the flavours as usual, right?

So, since the sense of smell is partly responsible for the identification of taste, the same principle applies to the aromas of your electronic cigarette.

But leaving aside the flu and the plugged nose for a moment… Why else do you stop tasting e-liquid at some point?

Let us try to answer this question.

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Vape tongue: here’s why it happens

Normally, the vaping tongue is a phenomenon that becomes apparent when you have been using the same liquid for a long time. In simple terms, vaping the same e-liquid can lead to habituation, so that the taste of the aroma gradually diminishes, and the palate becomes desensitized.

But this is not the only cause. Vaping tongue can also be due to:

  • flu or cold, as we have already seen;
  • smoking;
  • dryness;
  • dehydration;
  •  taking certain medications.

So, let us say that it is difficult to trace the causes back to e-cigarette use alone unless, as we said earlier, a vaper always uses the same liquid and the same percentage.

We have said that one of the causes is linked to smoking: in fact, new ex-smokers tend not to perceive the aromas of e-cigs, precisely because smoking, eventually, prevents them from properly distinguishing flavours and smells.

As if this were not enough, vaping can cause dehydration, which is why it is important to get used to drinking plenty of water. Otherwise, a sort of patina may form on the tongue that will prevent you from savouring the aromas.

Finally, taste buds can be altered by taking particular medications.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to remedy this easily and effectively. Let’s see what they are.

Language of the vapee and e-cigarette

Remedies for vaping tongue: here’s how to ‘restore’ the palate

First, our best advice is to let some time pass. Give your taste buds a break, and they will be back to normal in no time.

Once the time has come to resume vaping, you may decide to try different types of liquid. Here are the variants available on our site:

  • tobacco liquids
  • creamy liquids
  • special liquids;
  • fruity liquids.

By doing so, you will prevent your palate from getting used to the same taste again.

Secondly, it is essential to take care of oral hygiene, thus:

  • brush your teeth constantly;
  • floss and scrape your tongue;
  • rinse with mouthwash.

In this way, you will always have a fresh and clean mouth.

As we said in the previous paragraph, it is critical to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated: propylene glycol is one of the substances contained in e-liquid and tends to dry out the respiratory tract.

But that is not all.

There are also some folk remedies to ‘reset’ the taste buds, but these have no scientific basis. Chewing coffee beans and sucking on a slice of lemon are activities that immediately stimulate our tongue, ‘awakening’ it.

As you can see, there are various solutions to remedy the vaping tongue, so there is no cause for alarm.

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In this article, we have seen why some vapers have vape tongue and how to remedy it.

As you may have read, this is a fairly common phenomenon, especially among those who have recently replaced traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

With good oral hygiene, plenty of water and different e-cigarette liquids, you can solve this problem easily and effectively. So, if you are looking for quality products to enhance your vaping experience, visit the Terpy website and find out all the latest!