Cheek shot atomizer: what it means and which one to choose

All about the cheek atomizer and which one to choose

Modified on: 16/05/2022

Everything you need to know about the cheek shot atomizer and how to choose the best one

If you are thinking about quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette and you have already done some research about it on Google, you have probably come across the wording “cheek shot atomizer” and would like to know what exactly it means.

Let us tell you right away that the atomizer is a supporting element of the device, which is used to vaporise electronic cigarette liquids and inhale the aromatic effluents through a special mouthpiece, the so-called drip tip.

But why is it called “cheek”?

Let’s find out together!

What does a cheek atomizer mean when talking about e-cigs?

Cheek shot atomizer with electronic cigarette

The atomizer, often also called “atom”, is a kind of small container of the electronic cigarette in which the vape liquids are inserted. You can imagine it as a mini-bottle with a neck and an outlet, but it is not used to drink the fluids it contains, but rather to vaporise them.

Its structure tends to involve various pieces, including in particular:

  • Drip tip
  • Reservoir (also known as tank)
  • Electrical resistance (better known as a coil)
  • Electrical connector (with which it is “connected to the current”, i.e. the battery)

The types of atomizer are mainly 3:

  • Cheek (MTL)
  • Lung (DTL)
  • Flavour

The difference between these models lies in one particular aspect of the hardware, namely the type of shot they provide. The cheek atomizer, for example, allows you to inhale with certain resistance and contrast, so that you can simulate the presence of a filter and relive the smoking experience.

On the contrary, lung atomas are extremely airy, while flavour atomas play in the middle between MTL and DTL.

But what is physically different between the two?

Let’s go and see it in detail.

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How does a cheek atomizer work and how does it differ from other types

Atomizers, regardless of the category they belong to, are all equipped with the same components. So, in a MTL atomizer you find exactly the same parts as in a DTL atomizer (varying in number and shape depending on the model, of course), only their measurements are quite different.

Let us explain: when the battery of the electronic cigarette is activated and you make a puff through the drip tip, the air is drawn in through the air holes, usually at the base of the atom. From there, it enters the vaporisation chamber, where the coil vaporises the e-liquid, and is then conveyed through the metal chimney and into your mouth via the tip.

This air path turns out to have different diameters in cheek atomisers than in other types. In fact, the air holes for MTL are much smaller than those for flavour and lung, in order to guarantee a good opposition to the shot and give a “cigarette feeling” to your vapour puffs.

The term “cheek” is used for two reasons:

  • The resistance to the puff causes your cheeks to contract during inhalation.
  • The vapour is first drawn into the mouth and only later into the lungs.

MTL atomizers are undoubtedly the most suitable atomizers to start vaping and are the best for certain varieties of e-juice, especially tobacco and fruity liquids.

But let’s see now how to choose the most suitable atomizer for you.

Cheek tube or rebuildable atomizer?

Head for cheek atom

Before you venture into the electronic cigarette catalogues, it is good that you know the difference between a cartridge atomizer and a rebuildable one. The difference between these two variants is not particularly obvious at first glance, as it lies in the coil used.

The cheek mist spray with heads has pre-made resistors, called head coils. These are small metal cylinders inside which there is a coil of resistive wire, wrapped in a blanket of special organic vape cotton.

This material comes into contact with the liquid in the tank through small openings, impregnates it and, as the coil becomes red-hot with the passage of electric current, it enables it to vaporise it instantly.

Head coils are components that are subject to wear and tear and have a life cycle of a given amount of millilitres of e-juice, which varies according to the wattage you set, and the type of product you use. When it reaches the end of its life, you will notice a drop in aroma and performance, as well as a possible unpleasant burnt smell: at that point, you open the atom, take it apart and insert a new one.

In the case of rebuildable atomisers, however, the resistances have to be created by hand by the vaper with resistive wire and cotton. However, this is a step that you can do only after you are familiar with the electronic cigarette, so we recommend you to consider this option later.

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