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  • Bitter
  • Fruit
  • Gas-Cheese
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla


Bubblegum is a very special and sensational Terpy liquid for electronic cigarettes; it remembers the most loved chewing gum by children: the amazing Big Bubble!

Savoring this innovative product, the first sensation you get is that of chewing the famous gum; so the first impression is the taste of strawberry and vanilla, but after a while it will be time for the lemon aftertaste, which ensures that the flavor is never banal. This succession of sweet and citrus tastes is what has always made this chewing gum so irresistible, so as a child, you begged your mother to buy it many times.

As can be seen from the detailed description here, we recommend this product to everyone, to those who maybe want to go back in time with flavors that recall those of childhood and to those who have never grown up and still want Big Bubbles.

Electronic cigarette liquid suitable for sporadic use, it is pleasant at any time of the day.

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37 reviews for BUBBLEGUM

  1. Sherry

    Tastes as you would expect, the best gum flavour imo!

  2. Alfred

    Lovely strong flavour. I was surprised by the taste!

  3. Rebecca

    One of the best flavours, worth trying if you like very sweet tastes

  4. Brian

    Like a lot of bubblegum-based flavours, it tastes pretty much the same as the rest – still nice tho

  5. Alexia

    It’s nice and tasty, maybe a little too sweet

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