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  • Earth
  • Floral
  • Fruit
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla


Strawberry Cream is an e-liquid that faithfully reproduces the taste of the classic combination of strawberries and cream. A real treat for the palate!

Its taste is a very sweet mix between the soft and enveloping taste of cream and the intense, fresh and pleasant flavor of seasonal strawberries.

It is like finding yourself immersed in a soft and soothing cloud with a sweet and delicate taste, while leaving your mouth open, you let raindrops with a fruity flavor enter inside, refreshing you. What a pleasure!

Strawberry Cream is a recommended product for all people who love sweets in general, for those who need to feel a little sugar in their mouth.

This liquid for electronic cigarettes is suitable for daily use, to give yourself a gift occasionally.

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18 reviews for STRAWBERRY CREAM

  1. Myriam

    sweet and delicate flavor, I liked it because I thought it was too sweet but no, I was right to try it. Great products, I will buy again

  2. Alice

    Berried alive, a beautiful mix of strawberry and delicious cream. Not a huge fan of strawberry flavours but this flavour has been crafted right so it doesn’t have that horrible artificial taste! Lovely liquid

  3. Will

    Really cheap

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