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  • Earth
  • Herbal
  • Spice
  • Sweet
  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Wood-Pine


Licorice is one of the classics of the world of electronic cigarette liquids, for the much loved taste of licorice.

The taste of licorice is intense at the right point, without being unpleasant or too intrusive on the palate and is accompanied by a fruity flavor that gives smoothness to the vape. In fact, although licorice and its strong taste are the protagonists, fruit enriches the taste of this liquid with a softer and more velvety aftertaste, leaving a sweetness scent.

Savoring this product, you have the feeling of being transported to China, where herbals used this fantastic plant for its various benefits. Since then, many people have made use of it for the most varied recipes, from infusions to candies. Nobody can remain indifferent to its particular taste and the healing properties have simply become a surplus to the pleasure of savoring its flavor.

As you can see from the detailed description here, we can only recommend this product to everyone. Being a not particularly complex taste, licorice lovers will surely be satisfied.

Licorice is an electronic cigarette liquid suitable for daily use, it is pleasant both in moments of work and relaxation.

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37 reviews for LICORICE

  1. Jones

    Good company

  2. Bryanna

    Impeccable service

  3. Dylan

    I am very satisfied with the service I have received.

  4. Lauren

    It tastes good, not tired and goes great on my ego aio

  5. Charlie

    I love this Liquorice e-liquid as I love liquorice candies

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