R40 Wismec kit

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Technical Specifications

Size: 96 x 27.4 x 27.4mm Liquid Capacity: 2/3ml BatteryCapacity: 1700mAh Wattage: till 40W Coils: 0.3Ω-0.8Ω Color Screen: 0.96inch

R40 Wismec kit

The Wismec R-40 is a handy, light and small-sized electronic cigarette, it is smaller than the palm of a hand. This obviously gives it positive characteristics in terms of comfort and manageability. The design is inspired by the Reuleaux triangle, a slightly curved triangular prism.

The R40 is manufactured by Wismec with a zinc alloy body, which accentuates its elegance.


Reading the characteristics, it is clear the lightness, the small size and the comfort of this device. The user interface positively surprises the vaper for being very concise and informative. Thanks to SMART mode, the R40 independently selects the optimal power according to the resistance detected (both resistance and wattage are shown on the screen).

In addition, it offers the possibility of interchanging the coils, thus giving the vaper the ability to customize the vape even more. 

The airflow

R40’s airflow is very generous, even if it is a very small device.

On the outside of the e-cig there are 10 holes, next to the bottom of the coil. Unlike many other competitor devices on the market, the base of the coil of R40 is integrated with the coils themselves, allowing better regulation of the airflow.

In addition, each coil has its own size airflow. For this reason, the airflow of coils with 0.3 ohms is greater than those of 0.8 ohms. The adjustment ranges are very wide, even if there is not much resistance.


R40 turns out to be a complete, resistant and strong e-cig. It has a very sophisticated and creative design thanks to the presence of the dazzling grille panel. The screen and user interface are very elegant. The powerful 1700 mAh battery is integrated and thanks to the fast charging, with USB type C cable, it allows the R40 to be completely self-sufficient in terms of battery autonomy. All these features make the R40 the best possible pod mod for your vaping. 

Kit Version 

In the kit version, the pod mod has:

1* Wismec R40 Mod 1* WV-M 0.3ohm Mesh Coil 1* WV01 Single 0.8ohm NiCr Coil 1* USB-C Cable

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