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Is your e-cigarette leaking liquid? Let's see the most frequent causes

Here are the reasons why vaping liquids leak out of your e-cig If your e-cigarette leaks out liquids, don’t worry, this happens to millions of vapers! Vaping liquids can escape from the e-cig atomizer for various reasons, some attributable to the system itself, others to the inexperience of the vaper. In the next paragraphs we […]

American e cigarette liquids

What are American e-cig liquids? American e liquids have become famous because of the composition: inside them there are high amounts of diacetyl, an alcoholic element used to enhance its flavor. They are also defined as “Americans”, those very tasty e cig liquids which contain a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. American […]

Vaping and coughing: tips to solve the problem

Does vaping make you cough? Here’s how to solve in a simple and fast way The use of the electronic cigarette is sometimes related to annoying coughs that penalize the vaping experience. In fact, vaping and coughing never get along and if you have this problem it would be advisable to solve it as soon […]

By vaporizing glycerol alone, you run risks

Is a liquid with only glycerine harmful? Many vape lovers have an allergy to “classic” e cigarette liquid due to the presence of propylene glycol (PG). If you also have this annoying problem, you may need to vape only glycerol, namely vegetable glycerin too, to avoid the side effects of PG. In fact, propylene glycol […]

Why is glycerin density important for your cigarette?

Everything you need to know about vegetable glycerine to best blend your electronic cigarette flavours The density of vegetable glycerin is a fundamental quality of vaping liquids and knowing its extent can help you create your DIY e liquid recipes in the best possible way. Mixing e-cigarette liquid at home is a very common practice […]

Odors in BF bottles: solve the problem

Electronic cigarette & vaping: opinions about cleaning bottom feeder silicone bottle When you use multiple types of vaping liquids in the same e-cig, cleaning the tank is very important but the worst problem is the smell of silicone in the bottom feeder (BF) vape. The power supply of the coil of a bottom feeder system […]

Is it a possible mission to vape only water?

Is it possible just vape water with the electronic cigarette? If you are a vaper, perhaps you have asked yourself if it is possible to vape only water with the electronic cigarette and in the next few lines we will try to give answers to your huge question. Vaping liquids are so called because of […]

Let's see what the density of the e-cigarette liquid depends on

How the composition of e-cigarette liquids affects density Do you want to know everything about the of e cigarette liquid in order to choose the right one for your needs? It is a question that many people, that are switching from traditional cigarettes to the e-cig, ask themselves. The vape experience mainly depends on the […]