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How an atomizer works and why it is so important

This is what happens inside the atomizer when it is activated. If you are a vaper or maybe you just want to learn about the functioning of the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, you should know how an e-cig atomizer works. In order to vape creamy, fruity e liquid or any other e liquid, you […]

E-cigarette base liquid: 3 risks that nobody tell you about DIY methods

Diy electronic cigarette base liquid? Here are the risks Are you looking for DIY methods for the e liquid base, also called a neutral base? As you may know, the e liquid base is what makes up the vaping liquids together with the electronic cigarette flavours and possibly liquid nicotine. Specifically, the base liquid ecig […]

Cleaning the E-Cig atomizer: tips for perfect cleaning

How to best clean the atomizer of your electronic cigarette. A clean electronic cigarette is essential both for hygiene reasons and for obtaining optimal performance. Although the ingredients of the vaping liquids (Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, possibly liquid nicotine and electronic cigarette flavors) usually do not stain the components of the device, you must consider that […]

3 summer tastes to try if you use the electronic cigarette

Tastes for electronic cigarette? Here are the very unmissable vape liquids for your summer If you always love trying new tastes for your electronic cigarette and never get tired of updating yourself, this is definitely the in-depth study for you. Today we will talk about aromatic e liquid flavours for electronic cigarettes with nicotine and […]